The Ferguson Commission concluded its operations and sunsetted as of December 31, 2015.  All records have been archived through the State of Missouri, Office of Administration.

To read the Commission's interactive digital report and follow the continued efforts of the succeeding implementation organization, visit:



To guide the community in charting a new path toward healing and positive change for the residents of the St. Louis region. Since these challenges are not unique to our region, the Commission looks to serve as a role model and offer best practices to communities across the country. The Commission members have the responsibility – and the opportunity – to hear from people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, and to form concrete recommendations for making this region a stronger, fairer place for everyone.


  • 1

    Building The Report

    The collective efforts of community members, leaders, and experts to develop Calls to Action for the region and produce the Forward Through Ferguson Report Learn More >
  • 2

    The Transition Period

    Identifying community investments and infrastructure to continue bringing new people to the regional table.  Learn More >
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    What Comes Next

    What are the next steps for the organization continuing the work? Learn more >