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Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:13pm by Nicole Hudson

What High School Did You Go To?

Reflections from a participant of the 4/13 Commission meeting at Clayton High School.

To be back at Clayton High School is a powerful situation.

To be in the place where the question was


I remember
to find a voice
to be heard.

Who do you talk to for that to happen?

a solution
This is how we’re gonna do it
This is the process

courageous conversations
leaning into discomfort
dialogue between not just races
but your own ethnic group


how you felt
why you felt what you felt
how do we move forward?
help the generation behind us?

my godchild

I want it to be better for you.
I want to show you
Your voice matters
Is just as important as the adults’ in the room.

Her godfather and grandmother
Her aunt and her mother
Went to the same school

my godchild

saw our pictures
Oh my god
You’ve changed so much
This is you, and this is you


and then to look at some of the people around and say to

This could be me: I could very well do this.

That this dream
This sense
Of making a difference
Not just talk
It’s real

And it can come through my voice –

By Elaine Cha for #STLFwdThru
Taken from interview with Marvin Rice, a Ferguson Commission attendee responding to his first @STLChange meeting, which included racial caucusing breakout groups. 
Photo Credit: Wiley Price