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Mon, 11/24/2014 - 8:27pm by Steve Cusumano

Ferguson Committee Co-Chairs Comment on Grand Jury Announcement

“This is a difficult day for our community. With a decision made, we look to residents from all walks of life to join us and come together to work on the difficult challenges we face in our region. A path forward will not be easy, and we will struggle. But our commitment is clear and strong – we will listen, focus on the underlying issues, and work toward practical and lasting solutions. We believe in our community’s ability to rise to this challenge. There is a lot of energy on this issue in the community. We hope to have this energy channeled into our process moving forward. We encourage residents to share their feedback on our website and attend the upcoming community meetings. And we’re confident we can work with the community and one another to make St. Louis a better place for all.”