Commission Work

What Comes Next

“It’s going to take individuals, and communities, and systems working together collectively to do this. And that’s a paradigm shift.”

-Bethany Johnson-Javois
Managing Director of the Ferguson Commission


The report is only a milestone on the path toward positive change for the region. Dedicated community members have been engaged in this work prior to the Commission, are continuing their work along side us now, and will be the key to delivering sustainable positive change.


Implementation Phase


On January 1, our community moves into the implementation phase. Ownership moves from the Commission to the community of leaders and stakeholders, acting on the designs identified during the transition process, and creating an iterative model where problems continue to be addressed.


At its final meeting on December 7, the Ferguson Commission approved a motion to move forward with the creation of a new entity, Forward Through Ferguson, made up of 2-3 key staff and a number of former Commissioners. This entity, in strategic partnership with FOCUS St. Louis and other future partners, will provide the backbone support to leverage regional resources focused on the implementation the recommendations of the Report with a focus on policy change and racial equity. 


To follow the continued work of implementing calls to action and establishing racial equity in the St. Louis region, visit the Forward Through Ferguson platform.