Commission Work

The Transition Period

Identifying Infrastructure for Continued Efforts


With the time that remained between the Report launch on September 14th, to the Ferguson Commission's official sunset on December 31st, 2015, the Commission focused on working with the community to identify necessary investments, infrastructure and 2016 legislative actions to support the Report's signature priorities. The Commission sought to help the community to opt into ownership of these efforts where organizational alignment existed, while continuing to bring new people to the regional table, holding accountable bodies accountable and making sure that the set agenda created by the community remained intact.


As part of this transition period the Commission released a Request for Qualifications (which can be found here) to select the Core Intermediary that would assume the role currently being played by Ferguson Commission staff. One organization, FOCUS St. Louis, stepped forward as the sole lead applicant. In an effort to focus on the essential functions of the continuing infrastructure and let its form follow, an extensive feedback process occurred gathering input from commissioners, regional leaders, community organizers, and community members.


Partnering for Change


These many learnings led to an evolution of proposals across the transition period to ensure those essential functions to continue the Commission's work into implementation were met in the design. At the conclusion of the transition process, the Ferguson Commission approved a motion to move forward with the creation of a new entity, Forward Through Ferguson. This entity can carry forward the institutional knowledge and systemic racial equity mission of the Commission, facilitating the implementation of the recommendations of the Report by leveraging existing regional resources. This new entity as it develops will enter into strategic core partnerships with a group of organizations that are actively implementing the recommendations. The first of these strategic partnerships will be with FOCUS St. Louis and can model how other institutional partners might engage in the work.


To help map this evolution, below are links to some of the documents and presentations across the process: 

(For a more extensive list of process dates, reference the Timeline slide on pg. 4 of this PDF)

  • Initial application of FOCUS St. Louis with Strategic Partners (PDF)
  • External Review Committee Meeting (10/27/15) — URL
  • Public Presentation from FOCUS to the Commissioners  (11/9/15) — Presentation, Background PDF
  • Public Presentation of Forward Through Ferguson and FOCUS as Strategic Partners (12/7/15)  —Presentation