Commission Work

Rev. Starsky Wilson, Co-Chair

The Rev. Wilson is president & CEO of Deaconess Foundation, a faith-based grant making organization devoted to making child well-being a civic priority in the St. Louis region. He is also pastor of Saint John’s Church (The Beloved Community) in St. Louis. He serves on several boards throughout the region, including the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund, YMCA of Greater St. Louis, FOCUS-St. Louis, Teach for America-St. Louis, and the Mayor’s Commission on Children, Youth and Families, where he co-chaired the Regional Youth Violence Prevention Task Force. Under his leadership, the Urban League Young Professionals established St. Louis’ Young Blacks Give Back initiative, which has provided thousands of community service hours to local non-profits over the last twelve years.

Why I'm Serving: 
“I am called and have been blessed to serve children and youth of our region through engagement at the grass tops and grassroots of civic leadership. Effective investigation, assessment and response to the multiple structural challenges that led to and have been exposed by the August 9th shooting and its aftermath will require the perspective and credibility of both worlds. The work of this commission aligns with the work of Deaconess Foundation, which I lead, to advance the health of the region and its people through effective alignment of philanthropic, social service and governmental resources and policies. We envision a region that values the health and well-being of all children and prioritizes the most vulnerable.”